Competence grid models for VET students/teachers/trainers (LOVE grid)

In competence grid competencies to be acquired by the learner in a vocational training are classified by


  • Social competencies
  • Methodological competences
  • Professional competence

and are recorded and described.

These competencies are named for various vocational trainings in the relevant national or regional legal basis for vocational training in the partners countries. In the competence grids learning tasks and activities are assigned to competences which are to be acquired during the professional training by the learners. The successful processing of appropriate tasks and activities means that the acquisition of competence is demonstrated.

A comparison of the learner competencies at the beginning of vocational training (= entrance competencies) with the competencies to be acquired by the end of the VET (= output competences) points to the persons involved in the training process (apprentice, vocational teachers, trainers), which competencies during the training need to be acquired. This leads to an individualized learning process which is customized to the individual learner.